Why Is Youtube Suppressing The View Count On This Video? (“Wear RED” says Communist Organizers of Upcoming Women’s Strike Event)

Maybe there is another explanation but Youtube seems to be suppressing the view count on this video. Multiple people have watched from multiple accounts, over the course of the past few days and the count barely budges. I have no idea why they would suppress the view count on a channel that has barely over 100 subscribers, but I also couldn’t figure out why Youtube was demonetizing some of my previously published videos either.

Anyway, the action objectives have been released for those planning on participating in the upcoming event put together by the Women’s March organizers. Not surprisingly, they are again Communist themed.





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  1. I left a comment on a blog a couple of days ago and the blogger blocked me from following,I guess. I can’t find the blog. And I don’t even remember the name of it. lol. A lady posted a blog about Trump taking women back 100 years and how she wasn’t going be silent about it. All I did was ask: What about women that voted for Trump? Did they want to go back 100 years? I made the first comment,I’m sure it wasn’t what she expected or wanted. lol. So much for free speech.

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