Today’s Twitter Trip & Propaganda Reveal

Here are a couple of headlines that caught my eye today & why…
and below that, my day (so far) in tweets (which I am hereby dubbing a “twip”–today’s twitter trip)…


 Flooding at JFK terminal adds to delays from winter weather

NEW YORK — A water main break at New York’s Kennedy Airport is adding more delays to the storm-related aftermath the already beleaguered airport is working to recover from.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey says international arrivals to Terminal 4 have been suspended, with passengers who have already arrived being taken to other terminals for processing. Departures were not impacted.

It was unclear what caused the water problem, which sent about 3 inches of water into the terminal’s west end.

The airport was experiencing arrival delays of up to two and a half hours.

In the aftermath of the storm, passengers were kept on planes and waited hours to retrieve luggage as flights were delayed and cancelled, and a backup to get to terminal gates built up.

Another high profile and highly inconvenient airport incident. The past year and a half or so has brought us many stories of irrational airline staff, abused passengers and horrible airport experiences. Couple all that with Trump’s likely fatal suggestion that our 0 fatality air traffic control system be completely transformed and the bizarre stories of the Malaysian Airline disappearance a few years ago, and I see some major new rules coming down for airlines–ones that will not only impact the industry in the US but around the world. Perhaps we’ll get more insight into where this is headed when the FAA extension expires March 31, 2018. #WTWOF

Bannon Works to Mend Rift Over Book Critical of White House
Ex-Trump strategist tones down some of his comments as fallout reverberates


A young Steve Bannon.

If you listened to Episode 81 (a fan favorite already, by the way), you’ll know I for one think everything Bannon does is a calculated deep state move based on his previous positions in said deep state, including being part of Operation Eagle Claw, the failure of which virtually ensured Ronald Reagan’s victory in 1980, as well as his being the special assistant of two consecutive Chiefs of Naval Operations at the Pentagon. His career with Brietbart, the Mercers and the Council for National Policy (never heard of it? It’s the low-profile right wing version of the Council on Foreign Relations!) provide further evidence that this guy is no loose cannon. (This stuff is buried though. For example, I looked at Time’s “Steve Bannon’s Life In Pictures” and there’s not a single picture of him in uniform, or at Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, nor with either of the two admirals he reported to at the Pentagon.)

Trusted tweep @morenews1 read the book at issue here, Michael Wolff’s, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” had this to say:

I had a freebie on audible. I downloaded that bs fire and fury and listened during a long drive. What a load of unsubstantiated flim flam. A joke. You could have written it by pulling the nightly CNN feed.

She adds, however, that

The book did mention the actual goal of the Trump candidacy was to promote the Trump Network. A loss in the race would still be a big win all around.

I had thought that during the election–in retrospect I thought it was a red herring. I have gone through wondering if Hillary was meant to lose all along and knew it to wondering if these things are allowed to morph with the national mood. I’m leaning a bit toward the latter actually, particularly as I continue to think there was something to the Ted Cruz Canadian citizenship issue. That would really have created a Constitutional crisis of legitimacy if he had been elected and that is for sure the theme of modern times–from the Hanging Chad to the Kingpins in Ohio to Obama’s alleged Kenyan birth to Hillary’s illegal voters to Trump’s Russiagate, seems clear disenfranchising half the population is an effective and much used divisiveness ploy as of late.



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