Pizza Gate “Shooting” Propaganda Intended To Silence Dissent


The silencing of all dissent got a major boost yesterday when “Fake News” and “conspiracy theories” were blamed for what may or may not have been a shooting inside of Comet Ping Pong, a Washington D.C. pizzeria.

CNN and other propaganda news sites reported yesterday that Edger Maddison Welch went into Comet Ping Pong around 3pm brandishing an assault rifle and opened fire, or took one shot directed at the ground, or didn’t fire at all. The reports vary. Shocking, I know. After first reporting that Welch’s motives were unknown, it was later reported that he told police he came to Comet Ping Pong to investigate the online conspiracy theory known as pizza gate.

I know what you’re thinking, “Who goes into a packed pizzeria to investigate a conspiracy while brandishing an assault rifle? That’ll just draw attention to him. How the hell can anyone get any investigating done when people are running around screaming, sirens are blaring, and an army of cops willing to shoot all have their guns aimed at you?”

It doesn’t seem like the best strategy for investigating a conspiracy, I agree.

The suspect’s below average private investigating ability is hardly the only thing that’s off about this story. Like all shootings that make the headlines, the details of this one are vague, contradictory, and full of distractions. For example, in what has become a trend, the suspect has an IMDB page. This fact will no doubt garner attention from those investigating, but is it not more of a distraction, diverting attention away from the big picture?


Millions of people have IMDB pages. Plus, plenty of actors and writers are criminals. And if they did hire a crisis actor who could easily be found on IMDB, the people who hired him were well aware that he could easily be found on IMDB. They’re not ignorant to how Google works. If the assumption is that a crisis actor was used, those who hired him were well aware that his name would be searched and his IMDB page found. If this is the case, then this detail is an intentional diversion away from the bigger picture. Plus, the crisis actor argument rarely, if ever, affects those who buy into the mainstream media narrative. The propagandists don’t care if we think their story is bogus. They have enough people who will believe it even in the face of contradictory facts. They don’t need us to buy it. They only care that we remain preoccupied.

It’s the bigger picture here that matters, and it relates to how this story makes the people who buy into the “fake news” agenda feel, and what events it might foreshadow.

At the 2:06 – 2:19 mark of this video, the woman being interviewed provides some insight into how this story makes believers of the “fake news” agenda feel when she says,

“You just think…oh…people are very brave behind their keyboard, you know, people are writing all these hateful messages, but you don’t actually think someone’s going to do something about it.”

They feel a heightened sense of fear. To them, all of a sudden, “fake news” causes real violence. It doesn’t matter what the truth surrounding this story is. The truth in the minds of the people who believe the “fake news” agenda is that “fake news” poses a legitimate threat to their well-being, a potentially violent threat. Not only that, but to them, this is a violent threat from Russian agents who have infiltrated ALL alternative media, and already subverted our “democracy”, giving power over to the xenophobic, alt right, nationalists who are going to paint swastikas on the backs of minorities and everyone in the LGBT community.

As ridiculous as that sounds, I only slightly exaggerate. The mainstream media has filled people’s minds with poison, and because of it, people truly believe that their safety is threatened. This propaganda that “fake news” has violently manifested itself is only going to intensify those feelings. And when people feel that a threat to their safety, security, and way of life is real, they will let the powers that be do anything they deem necessary to end the threat.


In this case that means silencing anything that can be successfully labeled, “Fake News” by mainstream propaganda. In other words, silencing all dissent. That’s the agenda here. Discredit and silence. They go hand in hand. They can discredit certain groups to the point of no one believing anything they say regardless of whether they’re telling the truth. This is one form of silencing. Another form of silencing is increased regulation over who gets to report news, and even criminalization of those who report anything identified as “fake news.”

The more violence that can be blamed on “fake news”, the easier it is for the government to justify taking control over who can and who cannot report the news.

Last week Congress passed H.R. 6393: Intelligence Authorization Act, an act that will open the door for the government to crackdown on anything it determines to be Russian propaganda. It’s important to remember that the criteria for being labeled Russian propaganda is simply having a dissenting opinion.

The bill still has to pass through the Senate and then be approved by the President. Yesterday’s “attack” at Comet Ping Pong, supposedly triggered by dangerous “fake news” is just the story they need to justify expediting H.R. 6393 through the Senate in time for President Obama to approve it while he’s still in office.

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  1. last thing…Thomas Aquinas College in CA is the last man standing when it comes to a truly classical curriculum…so the accreditation agency took their accreditation away. To the court’s credit, they got it back, but not without a fight. This is what “approved” means when the government has to approve information and education.

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