Old Tom Martinez, hereby dubbed Tomás

nick and noraAs I mentioned in my previous post, I’m loving Ransom Old Tom gin right now, so when I saw this recipe for a Martinez–a variation of the martini that I’d been wanting to try anyway–made with Ransom Old Tom, I had to try it right away. It was everything I had hoped for. (Lest you worry I’m drinking too much, rest assured, I only took two sips–can’t get up with kids on a school day if you stay up pounding drinks like this!)

Highly recommend this be served in a chilledNick & Nora glass*–it’s worth buying a pair–they are the original Manhattan glass (that is, glasses used for any martini-type drinks all of which, it is rumored, are variations on the Manhattan).

Here’s the recipe for the Tomás….

Stir all ingredients with ice except for the garnish. (I stir all-booze drinks like this and shake drinks with sugar, citrus, egg whites, etc. where you don’t need the end result to be still.)

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with a lemon twist.

Recipe courtesy of PostProhibition.com, though the new handle is all mine!

*Although the article linked above, The Incredible Return of the Nick & Nora Glass, plausibly puts the name of the glass at the feet of the main characters of The Thin Man, I had thought it was a misunderstanding of the term New Yorker glass, which is the name I first saw associated with this glass. That in turn, I had thought was a variation on Manhattan glass, because this is the type of glass traditionally used to serve the Manhattan, Jennie Jerome’s (or not) famous invention that started it all! To be honest, this is a much better glass for a Manhattan-type drink than a martini glass, in my opinion, so it really is worth buying a couple if you like drinks like this–that is, basically small, all-booze drinks.

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