Kevin Spacey’s Apology, Pedophilia Normalization, & Conservatives Celebrate BuzzFeed (Video)

Kevin Spacey responds to allegations of sexually assaulting a minor by apologizing, saying that he was probably just drunk, and then coming out as gay. Spacey had no reason to validate the claim. He could denied them. So why did he willingly throw himself under the bus? Here are a few reasons.

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  1. Excellent analysis Brad, as always. Efforts to get the pedo-camel’s nose under the tent have escalated greatly as copious and damning details/evidence of child sex rings at the highest levels emerge. These monsters are obviously desperate to get ahead of this legacy crushing freight train by “normalizing” this deviant, predatory, and victim damaging behavior.
    On another note, I love your video presence…and you’re funny as hell! “Er’y body already knew he was gay”. Keep it coming dude.

    • Details regarding these pedos definitely have started emerging rather quickly. It’s all very suspicious. Thank you for the kind words Anonymous!

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