Remember When Morning Joe Mentioned Clinton’s Ties To Pedophile Epstein?


I’ll write and make videos about something other than Jeffrey Epstein, pizzagate, and the Clintons soon. I promise. It’s maddening to see the mainstream media continue to get away with labeling facts “fake news.”

MSNBC’s Morning Joe discussed the Clinton’s Jeffrey Epstein situation on at least two separate occasions over six months ago. I remember because I used the clips to make a parody video. Those clips are even more relevant now. Joe Scarborough makes it clear that the mainstream media is covering up the Jeffrey Epstein story for the Clintons.

To be clear, I’m not discrediting pizzagate, I’m pointing out how the media is using it to distract attention away from easily verifiable facts, proven by court documents, that cannot be disputed.

Here’s the parody video I made over the summer.

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  1. Great find and reminder!

    On another note: just listened to the last show, via podcast, and a caller stated that James Alefantis was the 49th most powerful person in DC. There was some back-and-forth regarding a source for that which wasn’t cleared up on the show. A quick Google search and I found this: Sure enough, he’s listed number 49. I don’t know what this means, and he’s not the only restauranteur listed. Last checked, GQ wasn’t on the ‘fake news’ blacklist.

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