Clerical Error (a book review)


Book Review of “Clerical Error: A True Story

Binkley recently sent me a youtube video of an episode of Art Bell’s show from back in the day. The guest was talking about some crazy stuff that the military was allegedly doing in Montauk (Long Island) in the Seventies. This guy was way, way out there, but his depth of knowledge and the continuity of his narrative had me hooked – I still don’t know what to make of it.

The audio was so interesting, that I sent it to one of my brothers (George the Friendly Truckdriver) who had been in the Air Force during that period and was for a time stationed in Montauk. The guest was all about electrical experiments and George had become an electrician in the service. I figured he would find the discussion as fascinating as I did.

Here it is.

I was surprised at George’s response.

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  1. In the For What It’s Worth Department, I find comfort in the Onion Peeling sense by regularly checking what you have to say as well as willyloman, David Icke, and now Engdahl.

    Icke, who’s regularly proved right years or decades later, said (paraphrasing) this week that Trump is there because he suits the agenda whether he knows it or not. If his job is to create global chaos, his personality is perfect for it.

    David reminds us that only months after Thatcher became British PM, Reagan-Bush came to power in the USA with exactly the same eco-political agenda. I think Blair and Dubya were also peas in a pod. The guiding hand is evident everywhere even if just because the foundational institutions ensure that those in authority all have the correct mindset. How else would we get judges who believe that Federal law always trumps State law?

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