8 Interesting Stories This Week (Including Ellen & Obama’s Tahiti Vacation)

Each week I compile handful of stories that I find interesting and believe you may as well. Here are 8 stories that caught my attention over the past few days.

Dozens of “Resistance Books” To Hit The Market In 2018


The successful release of Michael Wolf’s propaganda piece ‘Fire & Fury’, which debuted at number one on the New York Times best seller list, taught us a very valuable lesson. It showed us that Trump haters can be easily conned into spending their money on a poorly sourced book that lacks credibility just as long as that book fuels their Trump hating fantasies. It proved, yet again, that Trump hate has created a highly profitable market for those who seek to exploit it. And exploit they will, as dozens of Resistance books, which are sure to be pure propaganda, are set to hit the market later this year. A few of the titles we can expect to see are:

  1. “How Democracies Die” by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt
  2. “When They Call You A Terrorist, A Black Lives Matters Memoir.” by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Asha Bandele, with a forward by Honorary Co-Chair of the Women’s March Movement and open Communist, Angela Davis, who owned the weapons used in the 1970 Black Panther Marin County Courthouse Incident
  3. “Together We Rise: The Women’s March – Behind The Scenes At The Protests Heard Around The World” by Women’s March Organizer, Conde Nast. (The Communist Women’s March will be holding another march this year. Like last year, the march will be held on January 21st, the anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s death and commonly celebrated Communist holiday.)
  4. “The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America,” written by Timothy Snyder.
  5. “Keep Marching: How Every Woman Can Take Action and Change Our World” by activist and Women’s March speaker Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner.
  6. “Trumpocracy” by David Frum
  7. “Can It Happen Here: Authoritarianism in America”, A book of essay’s edited by Obama’s Minister of Propaganda, Cass R. Sunstein. (Yahoo News)

French Actress Pens Open Letter Denouncing #MeToo, Defends Men’s Right To Pester

French film star Catherine Deneuve has finally inserted some reason and level-headedness into the #metoo debate. The actress along with a group of writers, performers, academics and business women signed an open letter denouncing the “hatred of men and sexuality” and defending men’s “freedom to pester”, calling it “indispensable to sexual freedom. The letter states, “Rape is a crime, but insistent or clumsy flirting is not an offense, nor is gallantry macho aggression.” Naturally the bold show reason sparked outrage among feminist. (CNN)

Report Released Detailing Putin’s Attack On Democracy, Calling for Policy Changes To Counter Kremlin Threat Ahead of 2018, 2020 Elections

Here’s the full document, which among other things, calls for policy that will:

  • Hold Social Media Companies Accountable
  • Build Global Cyber Defenses and Norms. The document states that, “the U.S. government should lead an effort to establish an international treaty on the use of cyber tools in peace time, modeled on international arms control treaties.”
  • Support Democratic Institution Building and Values Abroad and with a Stronger Congressional Voice: “The U.S. government should provide assistance, in concert with allies in Europe, to build democratic institutions within the European and Eurasian states most vulnerable to Russian government interference.”  In other words, the U.S. should interfere in elections of other countries in order to stop Russia from interfering in the elections of other countries. 

Margot Robbie “Randomly” Runs Into Ellen & Obama In A Gym In Tahiti During Her Honeymoon (Video)

Margot Robbie recently appeared on the Ellen show where she told a story about something truly strange that happened while her and her husband were honeymooning on a tiny island in Tahiti. According to Robbie, after it started raining one afternoon, her and her husband decided to go to the gym for a workout. Her husband, Robbie explains, put on shorts so tiny that they didn’t adequately cover up his junk. She warned him that he was exposing himself to the world, but he shrugged it off thinking it didn’t matter because they were in Tahiti and weren’t going to see anyone of any consequence anyway.

Boy was he wrong. As it turns out, Robbie and her dangling new husband, had the most unexpected encounter, making Mr. Robbie wish he’d worn more than just a banana hammock. The encounter occurred when the newlyweds arrived at the gym and to their surprise, right there on the treadmill was Ellen Degeneres. But Ellen wasn’t alone. On the treadmill next to her was her wife, actress Portia de Rossi. And if unexpectedly running into those two in a gym in Tahiti was already shocking enough, right there, “standing next to them” was former President Barack Obama. That’s right. Ellen, Ellen’s wife, and Barack Obama all just happened to be working out together in a gym on a small island in Tahiti when Margot Robbie and her exposed husband showed up. That’s not weird at all.

This happened in early 2017, shortly after Obama left office. Most of you probably remember the post presidency bro trip that Obama took to the British Virgin Islands with Richard Branson. Who knew that Obama also went on a girls trip to Tahiti with the world’s most powerful lesbian couple? What’s Obama doing working out with Ellen in Tahiti right after he gets out office? Ellen explains away the odd situation as a coincidence. Her and Portia were there vacationing while Obama also happened to be there working on his book. So naturally, they decided to work out together every day. Ellen’s explanation is about as believable as that controlled Las Vegas Shooting, Jesus Campos interview she was tasked with conducting.

Robbie goes onto finish her totally not believable story by telling us that for some reason, her and her husband “had to do some stretching class” which forced her husband and his tiny shorts into a compromising position. She then explains his hilarious effort to do all the stretches while also preventing his Johnson from falling out in front of Obama, who she says was stepping over her husband while he was stretching. Again, not weird at all.  Then to cap off the story Ellen tells us that later when she went to do her and Portia’s laundry, she found Mr. Robbie’s tiny shorts somehow mixed in with their laundry. NOT WEIRD AT ALL.

The story was crafted to fit Ellen’s punchlines for the show so most of it is probably greatly exaggerated. That part that I do believe is true however is that Ellen, Obama, and Margot Robbie for some reason vacationed together on a tiny island in Tahiti shortly after Obama left office. It appears that Ellen has turned herself into quite the high level operative.

Mysterious Intergalactic Radio Bursts Come From a Truly Alien Environment

Are Aliens from a distant galaxy trying to communicate with us? A Harvard astronomer doesn’t rule out the possibility. New observations of the only known repeating “Fast Radio Bursts” (FRB), which are quick, high-energy radio pulses from outer-space, are providing details about the extreme environments in which these pulses are born.

Scientists have discovered that in a flash lasting less than a millisecond, the source of the bursts radiates the same amount of energy as the total output of our sun for a whole day. And while the origins of the powerful pulses remain unknown, Astronomer Avi Loeb from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, says we should keep an open mind and should even entertain the possibility that some FRBs are associated with artificial radio beams produced by alien civilizations.

Jeff Bezos, The Richest Man of All Time? 

That Bezos is possibly now the richest man in the history of the world should be of no surprise to anyone who has ever gone on a late night Amazon shopping binge, only to later regret it. Just one click, that’s all. It’s soooo easy. Bezos is now apparently worth over 105 billion which is enough to cover Britain’s budget deficit twice over. This is worth paying attention to because Bezos is trying connect us with Amazon round the clock by making the voice activated Alexa ubiquitous, or perhaps omnipresent is a better word. In fact, Priya Abani, Amazon’s director of AVS enablement, expressed this desire to Wired Magazine this week, saying “We basically envision a world where Alexa is everywhere,” Alexa, the voice activated, always listening device that will allow you to binge shop at any moment on command, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Bezos has the wealth and power to make that disturbing possibility a reality.

New York State Police To Start Using Aerial Drones for Criminal Cases, Disaster Response, and Traffic Detail

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s….. an aerial police drone pulling you over for speeding. Aerial police drones flying around the city, constantly watching us from above. What could go wrong?

Pole Dancing Stripper Robots That Surveil as They Satisfy (CES 2018)


On episode 81 of the Propaganda Report Podcast, we briefly discussed how sex bots would be an easy way to surveil and collect the bio-metric data of the bots owner. This week at CES, the biggest tech trade show of the year, this possibility was illustrated by a couple of pole dancing stripper robots that had cameras for heads. The robots were originally created by an artist named Giles Walked as a commentary on the increasing reach of the surveillance state.

Charlie Daniels Has A Problem With Taco Bell’s New Ad

Last but not least, my favorite Tweet of the week so far comes from the great Charlie Daniels who took issue with a terrible new Taco Bell ad, “The Belluminati”, which mocks believers of an Illuminati conspiracy.

Simple and to the point. I like it.










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