Matthew McConaughey Double Teams A Lincoln Continental With Himself In New Car Ad

Our culture is often reflected through entertainment and advertising. Future trends are also foreshadowed. Unless we’re being conditioned to accept a new normal where humans and automobiles have passionate love affairs, its anybody’s guess what the new Lincoln Continental commercial starring Matthew McConaughey is reflecting or foretelling.

This commercial is trippy. This is less propaganda analysis and more just me breaking down my takeaway from this mind-bending car commercial. I show the actual ad around the 3:20 mark. McConaughey is Zeus, and he is seducing the new Lincoln Continental.

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  1. This made me blush!!! Hope we don’t lose the family audience 🙂 BTW I wonder if Narcissus plays in with the backseat McConaughey, and I wonder why he’s wearing two wedding rings–one on each hand? Is that for the three way? Perhaps some sexual ambiguity? (quick question, Binkley–do you have too much time on your hands???)

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