3 years since MH370 went down – wanna know what happened to it?

ping-circleMalaysian Airlines flight 370 went down over the South China Sea shortly after takeoff exactly three years ago today–that’s what I think happened, anyway, and here’s why…this is the article I wrote March 21, 2014, less than two weeks after the event, and I still think this is what happened…

Cracking the Code on Malaysia 370: The Ping is the Thing….

What happened to MH370? All evidence points to a downing at approximately 1:21am on the morning of March 8, 2014, in the South China Sea – the only place in a 7 million square mile area authorities aren’t searching! The evidence below suggests they are deliberately avoiding the most likely location of the wreckage of MH370. But why? All the conspiracy theories the mainstream media has been offering up have been smoke and mirrors; all the evidence points to a simple cover-up of either a major crime or a major blunder. <continue reading>

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    • Lol! That was MH17…or maybe not – but it’s good to remember when all this anti Russian stuff started – when they foiled our coup in Ukraine or at least started to

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