Ep. 55 – Trump/Russia, The Show About Nothing, Presents: “Don Jr. Goes To Washington….To Testify”

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Thursday, July 20th, 2017 – Live! Live! Live! Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. will testify LIVE before the Senate Intelligence Committee next Wednesday. In the ongoing attempt to discredit all sources of information except the mainstream, the MSM launches an attack on local media. The psychological impact of the media framing effect. And, we check in out what the “Resistance” movement is up to this week. This and much more on this episode of the Propaganda Report Podcast.

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Books Referenced

Rhetoric, by Aristotle

Propaganda, by Edward Bernays

Crystallizing Public Opinion, by Edward Bernays

Public Relations, by Edward Bernays

Propaganda Technique In World War, by Harold Lasswell

Report from Iron Mountain

Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter Attempts to Discredit Local Media

HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Attempts to Discredit Local Media

Episode 53 of the Propaganda Report Podcast: The Lie at The Heart of the Trump/Russia Saga. Putin Didn’t Destabilize Ukraine. We Did.

Binkley calls his Senator using the Indivisble Health care script. 

Women’s March Demonstrations Held On Known Communist Holidays

Second video of Women’s March Communist propaganda coverage.

Third video of Women’s March Communist propaganda coverage.

Kasim Reed spends nearly $200,000 of tax payer money to put a permanent rainbow crosswalk in Midtown, Atlanta

Media Framing Effect

Media Framing Effect Example – The Lead with Jake Tapper Introduction

This Week In The Resistance

Indivisible Website

How to Talk to Your Republican Senator about Trumpcare Call Script

#People’sPlatform & #AllofUs

Monica Perez Shows on Russia/Ukraine: old shows click here, new show click here.

Check out Monica’s Glossary here.

Cambridge Analytica used by Trump & Cruz.

James Corbett & Truthstream Media on Psychographics, Robert Mercer & Cambridge Analytica–a must watch.

Corbett on Sentient World Simulation and that’s still going on with SEAS but was originally cited in the 60s! in Report from Iron Mountain.

Joe Atwill & Tim Kelly go WAY down the rabbit hole – not sure if this is the one where he mentions North Korea but this is their show: Powers & Principalities

Jay Dyer on No Ko.

Letters of Marque & Reprisal by Ron Paul

Bamford’s Shadow Factory documentary, Scheuer et al at chronomark 13:30ff re Yemen

Yemen and Stability in the Persian Gulf: Confronting the Threat from Within

Self-defense is the only right.

300,000 in Yemen with cholera.300,000 in Yemen with cholera.

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