Ep. 41 – Russian Agent Trump Obstructed Justice…Unnamed Source Says So

CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 41 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. (Ep. 40 will be up soon)


CLICK HERE To Listen To Episode 41 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. (Ep. 40 will be up soon)

* Correction. Trump DID comment on Comey being more famous than him.

Thursday, May 18th, 2017 – Unnamed sources read parts of an alleged memo allegedly written by James Comey to a writer at the New York Times, who then writes an article claiming Trump told Comey to stop investigating General Flynn. The mainstream media then spreads this rumor as though its proven fact. After that, all hell breaks loose. Also, the bigger picture of the Russian psyop is becoming clearer, and James Clapper’s head in a glass case.

*nb, at c. 29:00 i said that Trump did not say “Comey is more famous than me,” but Trump actually did say it – it’s on tape! I just felt it was too much of a set-up for the Trump-is-petty & jealous meme that is now unfolding. It’s stuff like this though that makes me wonder if Trump plays into these memes on purpose – just keeping the drama going?

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