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  1. I’m giving this constructive criticism as a new fan of the show.

    First, I like the no-caller, less commercial model.

    Second, I felt a little lost throughout the show. To give it a Christmas similie, the show was like opening a box of last year’s Christmas decorations – a lot of great things to explore, but it’s a bit of a mess and requires arrangement.

    The show had several good bits in there, but the conversation was going in so many directions, and I had a hard time keeping up while navigating Atlanta traffic. But I’m looking forward to the next one!


      • Yes, that one specifically. I think the show in general is very good, and I think you present very unique and thoughtful perspective compared with most other talk-radio shows. Your show (wsb) and Eric Von Haessler’s are two I wish were played during the morning/evening, mon-fri timeframe. Thankfully, there are podcasts.


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